Core Offerings
The company was setup with the objective of providing senior managers with a more effective resource to help resolve complex strategic and operational issues.
Our main focus is to provide solutions on :
Improving your business's effectiveness and efficiency is critical in today's world. Composite Solutions' Business Solutions can help you to improve the same. Our consulting group works closely with you to deliver measurable/quantifiable improvement in Business Performance.....  read more »»
Money is undeniably the livelihood of every business. Companies, both Public and Private, regardless of the stage of maturity, will require funds for daily operations, expansion, investment opportunities, and increase liquidity for themselves/shareholders. Transaction Solutions has been considered as a strategic function requiring innovative and distinct financial solutions for debt reduction as well as for strengthening the capital bases of enterprises....  read more »»
Companies executing large capital projects encounter schedule delays, cost overruns, etc. Major capital projects are carried out in an environment of uncertainty....  read more »»
In today's environment, Technology is a key enabler to realize businesses objectives. A number of complex issues need to be considered and the right business decisions are required when making technology investment decisions. The challenges posed by delivering technology-enabled business change are well documented; the solutions are not.....  read more »»
Compliance and Service
In today's globally interconnected world where businesses operate in dynamically changing scenarios there is a need for developing systems and processes to take care of the operating and legal challenges. It is imperative that there is assurance and reassurance on the business information reported, laid down policies & procedures are complied with and commercial, taxation & all applicable laws are duly followed. The businesses need to be continually tested on all the related parameters at regular intervals. Composite Solutions has a very strong compliance and services team that has worked with varied clients across sectors and geographies....  read more »»